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Big-Ticket Homes in Higher Demand

Residential real estate is becoming a very attractive investment compared to other options.  Wealthy investors, and even institutional investors, REITs, and the like are buying up residential real estate, partially fueled by low interest rates, rising prices, and low returns on other investment options.  The timing is right to invest in that luxury property or second home.

Big-Ticket Homes in Higher Demand -

In the luxury home market, wealthy buyers are focusing on residential real estate “as a pretty desirable asset — for them, a second or... [Daily Real Estate News]

Just Sold! 35 Rocha Court Hammonton, NJ

Just Sold!

35 Rocha Court

Hammonton, NJ 08037

4 Bedrooms 2.5 Baths


Disadvantages Of For Sale By Owner

Selling your home on your own involves a lot of homework. Generally, people that list their home For Sale by Owner believe that they are saving themselves a lot of time, hassle and money. However, the opposite may be true.

The primary reason for owners listing their property “FSBO” is because they believe they are saving the realtors commission, in essence more money for themselves. However, when setting the price of their home, they miss out on having a qualified real estate professional research comparable sales data for sold properties that are most similar to theirs. The money that the owner concludes is saved by not paying a realtor is typically added into the asking price of their home.
Owners will often include the cost of any repairs or additions they have made as increasing the value of their home. For example if an owner pays $5000.00 to repave their driveway, that doesn’t necessarily add $5000.00 to the overall value of the home. In an “FSBO” that cost is often included and inflates the price of the home.

The more exposure you get when selling your home substantially increases the chances of your home being sold. Selling your home as an “FSBO” will also lose you a considerable amount of advertising and representation. When a home is listed with a realtor, the owner reaps the benefits of MLS exposure, company websites, social media, national websites and local newspapers.
From a legal standpoint, both buyer and seller in an “FSBO” take on all liabilities throughout the course of the transaction which typically would be passed onto the real estate agent of both parties. Handling certain aspects of the transaction such as escrow deposits, home-inspections, termite inspections, mortgage commitments plus monitoring the terms and dates of a legal contract will be the responsibility of the buyer and seller.

In many instances, when acting as a “FSBO” the anticipated savings are not realized. Why not enhance your prospects by taking advantage of the expertise and marketing that a realtor has to offer.