Selling Your Home . . . When Is The Best Time?

The real estate market in South Jersey, as well as in most parts of the country, is in a relatively healthy state. 

Buyers are buying in all price ranges, and sellers with clean, well-maintained properties are selling within a reasonable time frame at or near their asking price.

So when is the best time to sell your home? 

When your lifestyle changes.

Whether you are relocating, have a growing family and need more space, or are downsizing from that large family home, once you've decided that your current home no longer meets your lifestyle needs, it's time to contact a Realtor®.  You and your agent will decide what should be done to prepare your home to sell, what is the correct listing price, and discuss the best marketing plan to attract the likely new buyer.

Your decision to sell your property may not coincide with the perfect market conditions. Therefore it is important to know what is happening in the real estate market in your local community as well as the market and the economy as a whole.  Your agent will be able to provide the most accurate description of market conditions and will know which buyer personas to attract based on your home and your community.

Keep in mind that if you are selling your house for less because the market is not where you hoped, you will probably also be paying less for the new property you are buying.  When prices are higher, although you may get a great price for your home, you will probably be paying more for the next home too.  

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